10,000 Voices Campaign

The 10,000 Voices Campaign seeks to document the personal stories of those living with pain, to show the impact of pain on individual lives and the collective pain crisis we are facing as a nation.

Inspiring Stories

This video, part 2 of a speech given by pain advocate Mary Vargas, is one that you will also find on the 10,000 Voices Virtual Wall. I included it here because I think Mary Vargas gives one heck of a good speech. Her words touched my heart, but they also opened my eyes again. I am always appreciative of other perspectives on the pain experience. I know that we have chronic pain in common, but I also know that every pain experience is unique. Everyone has a remarkable story to share and those stories can be empowering.

Mary Vargas, Esq. is Vice-Chair and Pain Community Advisory Council Representative for the board of directors of the American Pain Foundation. The link in the previous sentence will take you to her biography at the American Pain Foundation website. Reading her story reminds me that I can still do things in my life that matter. Pain doesn’t have to prevent me from being the person I want to be.┬áThank you to Mary Vargas for all your efforts and for being an inspiration.

Your Voice

You may want to add your own voice to the campaign! Click on the 10,000 Voices Campaign link above for directions on how to submit your own story, and don’t forget to check out the 10,000 Voices Virtual Wall. It is a powerful collective demand to be heard.