Just for fun – electron microscopy of FOOD

Food Close-Up

Love science? Love food? Check out these gorgeous Caren Alpert photos from Lost At E Minor.

The artist uses an electron microscope to capture the hidden beauty in a brussel sprout, shrimp tail, and other unexpectedly artistic foods. I love this stuff like this because it reminds me how of how wondrous and incredible life really is. Who knew the often unappreciated brussel sprout was such a stunner?

An Artistic Website

Lost at E Minor is always a fun site to visit, full of artistic and inspiring content. The authors describes it as “an online publication of inspiring art, design, music, photography and pop culture. We take our low brow sensibilities and mash them up with the grittier elements of high brow culture to shine a discerning light on the exciting expressions of creativity that our team of writers discover” (About page, 8/20/11).

Btw, the embedded photograph is of pollen and it comes from this wikipedia article on microscopy. The image was provided by Dartmouth Electron Microscope Facility at Dartmouth College.

You can find more from food artist and photographer Caren Alpert at www.carenalpert.com.