April 3: Superpowers

Today the WEGO Health question is, if you could have any superpower which one would you choose? And how would you use it? Of all the answers I have read from other health activists, two repeated themes most resonated with me.

1) ‘I am already super-powered!’ Several writers reflected on their incredible powers of endurance, and courage in the face of an unknown future. They noted that in continuing to find joy in coping with their health and life challenges they were indeed super powerful.

2) ‘My superpower would be to help others.’ Many health advocates with chronic conditions prioritized their concern for others above their own needs. They reached out not only to those who shared the conditions, but to anyone in need of help in the world.

To me these bloggers exemplify the super power of the human spirit. Through adversity they have become stronger and more capable people. They can approach challenges that they never before would have imagined, and they are confident in their ability to persevere. And after enduring so much pain and so much hardship, their first thought is often for others.

Superpowers: compassion, selflessness, adaptability, capacity for personal development, and perseverance.