The American Pain Foundation

Resources for Managing Pain

The American Pain Foundation (APF) is an authoritative website resource and an excellent place to start if you are looking for answers to your pain questions. Here you will find tips for managing pain, research and answers from medical experts, explanations of painful conditions, and so much more. The APF also advocates for the rights of people with pain, for more effective treatments, and for improved pain education. Anyone with an interest in these issues can join the APF’s Pain Action Network and add their own voice to the national movement.

Part of being a person with pain means making informed decisions about your healthcare. The APF has a health decision making guide to help you with this process.

Take the next step — Get your doctor’s advice

There is a lot of information out there, and there are also plenty of well-intentioned people who want to dole out some advice. However you and your doctor in partnership need to review the information you find. Locating internet resources is only the first step in the process. Write down your findings and report them to your doctor. Listen to your doctor’s opinion carefully and ask, ask, ask questions!!


  1. […] There is also a section on making decisions about your pain management. The authors explain different approaches to pain in healthcare, and suggest guidelines for making decisions regarding your care. For another resource on making healthcare decisions, see my post on the American Pain Foundation. […]