World Arthritis Day and Arthritis Today Magazine

October 12 is World Arthritis Day. We can support the Arthritis Foundation community by moving in any way we can to improve health and prevent arthritis. Any type of movement is encouraged, from running and swimming to hopscotch. So lets dance, play, bicycle, and tai chi in support of 27 million people living with osteoarthritis. The goal is to circle the globe with movement, a distance of 24,900 miles, before October 31st. You can find more information and lots of suggestions for exercise with (or without) arthritis at the Fight Arthritis Pain website, as indicated in the video above from Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius (All information above is from the Arthritis Foundation).

For more help with movement try the Let’s Move Together website and Arthritis Today Magazine online, both also from the Arthritis Foundation.

A practical guide to living with pain

I love Arthritis Today because it gives people real answers to pain problems. Have you ever visited a pain website only to find authoritative articles by eminent physicians stating that we should all get more sleep and exercise, etc.? Really? Is that actually supposed to be helpful to me?

Arthritis Today will not aggravate the reader with fairly obvious but remarkably useless information. Instead, you may find yourself breathing a sigh of relief when you find practical articles such as “Pain-Free Grocery Shopping” and “Couch Potato Exercises.” For example, in “20 Tips to Cooking with Arthritis,” I learned that a rolling plant stand is good way to move large pots around the kitchen. Good idea, no?

The magazine is also easy to navigate. The best content is at your fingertips (or rather mouse-clicks), so you won’t waste your time identifying the most useful information. The entire fitness section is worth browsing, and there are a number of helpful articles listed under the Exercise Motivation sub-section. The other links above came from the Daily Living section.

Arthritis Today is a resource for all of us

This is one of the most valuable resources I’ve found online for relevant and useful content for every day living with pain. I don’t have arthritis, but certain movements and tasks do aggravate my pain. If I skim the articles of Arthritis Today I often find resources I can apply to suit my particular needs. Pain aggravated by movement is a common problem for many, so I think this online magazine could help a wide range of people with pain and/or disabilities not specifically related to arthritis. Its worth a try.